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MIRACULUM ProEstetica Wrinkle Filler Lifts Facial Oval Modeling Night Cream 60+

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Wrinkle Filler Lifts Facial Oval

Modelling Night Cream 60+


1.7 FL.OZ./ 50 ml

Advanced mature skin therapy without costly and painful skin rejuvenation treatments and procedures.

This professional therapy sculpts the facial oval during the sleep, while visibly nourishing, rebuilding and stimulating rejuvenation processes. Precisely penetrates into all skin depressions to effectively smooth sagging cheeks as well as forehead and neck wrinkles. Slows down the skin ageing processes. Leaves the facial contour more defined with tauter and firmer skin.

BIOLIFT – cosmetic alternative to plastic surgeries – combination of active ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid and Commiphora Mukul, which works synergistic-ally to fill in the wrinkles from the inside out for the same effect as injections.

HYALURONIC ACID – effectively moisturizes and fills in wrinkles to reduce their visibility. Smooths the epidermis instantly and restores suppleness and tightness of the skin, while sculpting the facial oval.

COTTONSEED OIL – good source of unsaturated fatty acids and Vitamin E. Penetrates into the skin quickly, intensely nourishing, regenerating and smoothing the skin. Provides a soothing effect for sensitive skin.


– smoothes out wrinkles and creases

– reduces sagging skin

– slows down ageing processes

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: apply daily evening to your face, neck and decolette after cleansing, and massage gently. As a complement we recommend the use of other products from the ProEstetica line – DAY CREAM and EYES, EYELIDS and LIPS.

Capacity: 50 ml



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