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Modelling and firming breast serum Nivelazione Slim


area: breast
skin type: all skin types
effect: firms, improves beast structure, shape and firmness
age: without limits

Innovative product of strong firming and modelling action designed for daily care of gentle skin of bust and cleavage.

Especially recommended for skin lacking elasticity, after pregnancy period or slimming treatment and at first signs of skin flabbiness.

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After 2 weeks of using, stretch marks smoothed and less visible at 89% of the respondents
After 6 weeks of using, breast fuller up to 2.0 cm at 83% at the respondents
After 4 weeks of using, shape and firmness improvement at 94% of the respondents

Innovative, unique set of active ingredients of documented action:

improves breast structure, shape and firmness,
strengthens natural support fibres of the skin and slows down its ageing processes, preventing breasts from flabbiness and falling,
flexes, firms and models bust perfectly, giving breasts beautifully modelled shape,
smoothes and lightens stretch marks and prevents from making new ones.
Regular usage strengthens the skin supporting the bust, prevents it from flabbiness and elasticity loss. Breasts rise upwards and gain fuller shape and the skin becomes firm and smooth as velvet.

Innovative active ingredients of confirmed action:

Marine ProLift – bio-complex rich in silk proteins, sea collagen and hyaluronic acid, improves condition and appearance of the skin, stimulates its regeneration, moistens intensely and deeply and smoothes the skin, ensuring lifting effect.
Kigelia Africana (extract from an evergreen tree known for centuries in the African medicine) – strengthens support fibres of the skin, improves the skin elasticity, stimulates its repair processes, additionally neutralises free radicals by slowing down skin ageing and preventing it from flabbiness. It also reveals estrogenic-like activity, owing to which it firms and enlarges the bust visibly, giving it beautifully modelled, fuller shape.
Gotu Cola (extract from a plant known in Eastern medicine as a source of longevity) – regenerates perfectly and improves the skin firmness by stimulation of fibroblasts to the collagen synthesis, strengthens blood vessel walls and regulates microcirculation, owing to which it reduces visibility of existing stretch marks and prevents from making new ones.
BioSi System – rich source of plant silicon, which stimulates collagen synthesis and slows down elastin degradation, is revitalising and oxygenating, strengthens the skin structure, restoring the proper density of support fibres of the skin and prevents it from flabbiness.

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