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NIVELAZIONE BODY Intensive Regenerating Milk Restore & Protect Skin SOS

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Body Lotion Series


Intensive Regenerating Milk

dressing S.O.S body lotion

Milk of the first day reduces the roughness and skin regenerates and intensively. Regular use effectively strengthens and rebuilds the hydro-lipid coat, which is a natural protective barrier, prevents drying, smoothes and improves skin elasticity.


The product is easy to spread and well absorbed. It leaves no unpleasant feeling of greasiness and stickiness of the skin.




Effectively and deeply nourishes and regenerates

Protects against water loss and maintains optimum hydration in all levels of the epidermis

It soothes irritations and reduces tightness and roughness

Gradually restores barrier function of the skin

Soothes and protects against the adverse effects of external factors

Leaves skin smooth, soft and flexible



immediately: easing feelings download – by 92% of respondents *

after 2 days of use: reducing dryness and roughness corrected by 96% of respondents *

after 3 weeks: skin looks healthier, it is regenerated and more flexible – by 100% of respondents *

* Tested on a selected group of people


Capacity: 500 ml

area: the body

skin type: very dry and rough skin

effect: strong and long-lasting hydration and instantly smooths the skin, leaving it soft, flexible and delicately scented

age: without limits


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