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NIVELAZIONE Feet Excellent Gently Warming Cream for Cold Feet

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Foot Care Series
Excellent Gently Warming Cream for Cold Feet
Specially developed formula of the cream allows for improving micro-circulation and eliminating the cold feet effect in a natural way.
The formula contains Capsaicin, which induces a feeling of warmth on the skin and provides the effect of subcutaneous drain. Cinnamon oil and peat extract, contained in the cream, improve blood circulation in the feet, making the effect of warm-up gradual and long-lasting. The recipe enriched with beeswax provides nutritional and smoothing action, and the addition of vitamin E softens and regenerates feet skin making feet regain their softness and healthy appearance. The warm, spicy scent of essential cinnamon oil makes the application of the cream a real pleasure and relaxation.
Effect: warming, improves blood circulation, softens and nourishes feet skin, the feet are regenerated, neat and warm.
Indications: poor micro-circulation, cold feet effect.
Active ingredients: Capsaicin, cinnamon oil, peat extract, beeswax, vitamin E.
Apply cream on dry feet by performing a gentle massage. To strengthen the effect it is recommended to put on socks. The effect of warm-up increases gradually and gently.
Note: Prevent accidental penetration of the cream into eyes.  After applying the cream wash your hands!
capacity: 75 ml
area: feet
skin type: all skin types
effect: warming effect, regenerates and nourishes
age: without limits


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