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NIVELAZIONE Foot Care Cooling Spray for Tired Legs and Burning Feet

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Foot Care Series


Cooling spray for tired legs and burning feet

This cooling and refreshing spray for tired and aching legs brings an immediate feeling of relaxation and freshness, efficiently eliminating the feeling of “heavy” legs. Thanks to the unique combination of active ingredients, combined with Pronalen Anti-Fatigue HSC complex, as well as chestnut tree extract, mountain arnica and aronia berry, it efficiently improves micro-circulation, decreases swelling and relieves tired legs. The soothing mist immediately refreshes, and leaves the legs feel relaxed, cool and light. The innovative formula allows for the spray to be directly applied on skin or through tights.


Shake well before use. Spray the feet and the spaces in between the toes from a distance of about 20 cm for 2-3 seconds. It can be used during the day without removing tights or socks.


capacity: 150 ml

area: foot

skin type: swollen, tired legs and stinging feet; feeling of “heavy” feet, stiffening and tingling, during prolonged sitting and standing up, during traveling and hot weather; for people exposed to the sun for prolonged periods of time; post-training for physically active people

effect: improves micro-circulation and decreases swelling, eliminates the feeling of “heavy” feet, alleviates the feeling of stinging feet; cools, relaxes and refreshes and decreases swelling, eliminates the, feeling of “heavy” feet, alleviates the feeling of feet stinging, cools, relaxes and refreshes.

age: without limits


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