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Nivelazione Nourishing and Regenerating Hands and Nails serum

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Hand & Nail Series


Nourishing and regenerating hands and nails serum


The serum was developed with a unique nourishing and revitalizing formula that helps minimize the signs of hand skin aging.


The recipe contains macadam oil with softening and moisturizing properties, as well as Shea butter and urea, which instantly improve the condition of hand skin and nails. Argan oil eliminates roughness and dryness of the skin, regenerating it perfectly.  After just one application your hands are soft and velvety smooth. The serum helps maintain beautiful, well-groomed hands due to the presence of sweet almond oil that perfectly nourishes and firms hand skin as well as features anti-aging properties. Perfectly spreads and quickly absorbs.  Regular use restores the damaged skin as well as strengthens and regenerates the nail plate.


Apply: Gently massage into the skin of your hands.  Use several times a day.  For larger irritations apply a thicker layer of cream then after 10 minutes rinse the excess with water.


capacity: 100 ml

area: hands and nails

skin type: all skin types

effect: smooths, moisturizes, nourishes

age: without limits


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