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Oxygen Moisturizing Night Cream AGAINST SKIN DRYNESS ANTI-WRINKLE O2 Skin


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O2 Skin Innovative formula based on Oxygen which strengthens the effectiveness of the active ingredients

Oxygen Moisturizing – Nourishing Night Cream ANTI AGING AGAINST SKIN DRYNESS

1.7 FL.OZ./50ml


Oxygen Moisturizing – Nourishing Night Cream – (30% Oxygen)

Provides intensive hydration. Prevents premature aging of the skin. Thanks to its rich formula it improves the oxygenation of skin cells during the sleep.

– ALANTOIN – anti-inflammatory, soothing, moisturizing, conditioning, softening and smoothing.

– CAMOMILE EXTRACT- relieves dry, irritated skin. Gently smoothes the color and refreshes grey, tired complexion.

– OAT EXTRACT – Moisturizes and nourishes the skin. It sooths, provides anti-inflammatory action, making the skin elastic and delicate. Protects sensitive and damaged skin with a delicate protective film.

Recommended for: Dry, dehydrated, prone to irritation and tired skin.

How to use: Apply on cleansed skin of the face and neck avoiding eyes area. Leave until it is dry. Use daily in the evenings.

Capacity: 50 ml

PAO – 6 Months

O2 Skin Innovative formula based on Oxygen which strengthens the effectiveness of the active ingredients

Oxygen is essential to keep young and healthy look of your skin.

Our skin starts to lose its elasticity as early as at the age of 21 and starts to show first signs of wrinkles. Our skin loses its colors and shows first, visible signs of dehydration and tiredness.

The main reason behind that is aging process which causes changes in capillaries responsible for oxygen distribution.

Thanks to innovative, long-lasting and specialized oxygenation technology, properly concentrated dose of oxygen and high pressure, we have developed a product which can reach deep layers of the skin thus activating cell’s metabolism.

Oxygen atoms in our technology are structurally linked to the active elements of the cosmetic itself. Therefore when the cosmetic is applied to the skin, neither the oxygen not the elements evaporate but they are diffused into the skin bound together carrying contents of the structure of the cosmetic – collagen, vitamins and acids.

The main advantage of oxygenation is multiplication of the action of all ingredients of the cosmetics. Oxygen accelerates their action and improves their effectiveness.

Oxygen stimulates cells and forces them to work more efficiently. It also improves blood circulation in the skin, so that in a short time the skin gets proper, vivid colors and becomes firmer and smoother.

Oxygen introduces all the nutrients to the deeper layers of the skin making their action more effective. The effects last much longer compared to regular cosmetics. Cosmetics thanks to the oxygen content accelerate the skin regeneration processes. They form a protective layer acting against harmful internal and external factors.

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