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PROFESSIONAL FACE MASK Fine-Grain Scrub Diamond Microdermabrasion 2 pcs Bielenda


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MaskFine-grain Scrub Diamond Microdermabrasion Effect

Capacity 2 x 0.2 Oz./5 g

Innovative and highly effective fine-grain scrub for normal to dry skin is a product with the formula similar to those of professional cosmetics. This innovative cosmetic was created for a special task: to achieve results comparable to diamond microdermabrasion performed by professional beauticians.

ACTION This active fine-grain scrub of gel consistency deeply ex-foliates the skin and effectively removes dead skin cells, soothes the surface of the skin and improves its blood circulation. Instantly cleanses the pores and reduces their visibility, reduces blackheads and blemishes. The results can be achieved thanks to the active ingredients: diamond micro-crystals and AHA acids the results are visible immediately after just one application.

Effect Perfectly smooth, fresh, velvety and radiant complexion. Beautiful and healthy skin tone. Skin perfectly prepared for further treatments.

APPLICATION 1 – 2 times a week apply the scrub to the cleansed skin of face avoiding the eye area. Massage approximately two minutes, then wash off with lukewarm water. Designed for people of all ages.PROFESSIONAL FORMULA

Innovative line of scrubs and face masks for different skin types based on the formula used in professional cosmetics. Those innovative cosmetics – each created to tackle a specific problem – in a quick and convenient way will bring results comparable to cosmetic treatments in clinics and can be an alternative to visits in beauty salons.


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