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Radical MED Hair Loss Treatment Deep Nourishment Strengthening Intensive for Men

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Radical MED®

extra strength


Treatment in ampoules

against hair loss for men*



Cosmetics series Radical MED® is a range of specialized formulations for hair care and scalp. Highly active preparations to provide an integrated therapy with a broad spectrum of activity. They respond to the needs of even the most demanding consumers.

*Available two different special formulation developped for men and women.



Treatment in ampoules against hair loss for men is a special formulation of a new generation of hair weak and falling out. Treatment in ampoules perfectly nourishes the hair, restoring the vitality and healthy appearance. Special formula based on natural ingredients regenerates and strengthens the roots, and horsetail extract improves the oxygenation of the skin cells and prevents hair loss. With an advanced bio complex Pro-4H Hair Booster which contains vitamin peptide, apigenin and oleanolic acid hair becomes stronger. Contained in the preparation arginine, ginseng, vitamin PP and provitamin B5, effectively regenerates and nourishes the hair roots, stimulating their growth.


Capacity: 15 ml ampoules a’5

area: hair

hair type: destroyed, falling out, weakened

action: strengthening, nutritive

age: without limits



perfectly nourishes the hair, restoring their vitality and healthy appearance,

nourishes and strengthens hair follicles, accelerating the natural hair growth,

regulates sebaceous glands and improves microcirculation and blood circulation in the scalp,

enzyme inhibits the activity of 5-alpha-reductase, which is responsible for hair loss androgenic and reinforces “anchoring” follicles in the scalp.

effectively inhibits hair loss and thinning hair

improves the hair become stronger, visibly thicker and more dense



The contents of the vial in a dry rub or gently dried scalp. Do not rinse. Use daily for a minimum of two weeks. Optimum results are achieved monthly treatment. To sustain the effects of treatment is indicated strengthening the spring and autumn. To strengthen the hair also recommend the use of a dietary supplement Radical® with optimally balanced vitamins, minerals and herbal extracts.



The extract of horsetail – ProHair Booster 4H – Trichogen – complex of vitamins A, E, F and provitamin B5 – Inutec.


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