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Radical MED New Mezo Ampule Therapy Microneedle Active Concentrate, Mezo Roller Farmona


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Radical MED®

Treatment in ampoules

Stops Hair Loss and Stimulating Hair Growth

New Mezo Therapy Microneedle Active Concentrate with Mezo Roller

Hair loss and thinning hair, alopecia is a very common problem. It can be caused by stress, poor diet, a history diseases, improper hair care, or androgenetic alopecia. Mezo Therapy micro-needle is a professional treatment for women and men for easy use at home. Through micro-pricking the skin, hundreds of micro channels by which the active substances contained in the concentrate reaches directly to the hair roots, making them excite and stimulate the growth of new hair. Highly concentrated formula with great biocomplex TRICHO-active and PROCAPIL in conjunction with the micro by stitching allows you to get in a short time, faster hair growth, overcome the effects of hair loss and stop the hair loss and thinning hair.


– alopecia

– severe hair loss and thinning hair

– hair very rare

– thin and slow-growing


– activates bulbs for intensive work, stimulates the growth of new hair

– nourishes and oxygenates the hair roots, strengthens their anchor in the scalp

– regenerates and strengthens the hair, effectively reduces hair loss and thinning

– extends the life cycle of hair, slowing their aging

– visibly and rapidly thickens hair

– improves condition of hair, restoring the density and volume

      It stimulates new hair growth – 88% *

      Clearly stronger hair – 92% *


Biocomplex TRICHO-active – a unique complex trychogenic anchor hair, strengthens the hair bulb matrix, accelerates the regrowth of strong hair, reduces hair loss and thinning, improves the condition and appearance of the hair and scalp.

PROCAPIL – an innovative ingredient strengthens the anchoring of the hair and promotes their growth slows androgenetic alopecia and strengthens blood circulation in the inter-cellular spaces. It works anti-aging hair roots.

Caffeine – stimulates the hair by activating hair growth, strengthens and improves their condition.

Aloe – soothes and relieves irritation, stimulates skin cells to regenerate faster.


  1. Mezo roller prior to the application should be thoroughly cleaned with alcohol.
  2. Clean your scalp a gentle shampoo and dry. We recommend to use shampoo line Radical med.
  3. The procedure is performed starting from the root and head down hair growth to avoid splicing.
  4. The rolling out of the desired area of ​​hair growth approx. 10 times back and forth. In the case of long hair can be resolved exposing pockets which greatly facilitate rolling of the skin.
  5. Immediately after the procedure applied to the skin Active Concentrate micro needle mesotherapy contained in the ampoule.

NOTE high content of active substances can cause precipitation. Shake before use ampoule. Do not rinse.

  1. After finishing the procedure mezo-roller should be washed under running hot water, dried and disinfected. The device should be stored in a clean container.


High content of active substances can cause precipitation. Shake before use ampoule.

Do not rinse.

Capacity: 12 ampoules x 3 ml

area: hair

hair type: destroyed, falling out, weakened

action: strengthening, nutritive

age: without limits

Entity responsible:

Institute of dermo-cosmetics IDEEPHARM S.à r.l.

Farmona Natural Cosmetics Laboratory

PL – Krakow

Marketing Authorisation Holder:

Farmona Natural Cosmetics Laboratory S.à r.l.

PL – Krakow

Direct distributor in UK for Farmona’s line Althea Limited

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