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Tutti Frutti Pineapple & Coconut Bath & Shower Gel Moisturizing


Pineapple & Coconut

Pineapple & Coconut Energy oil bath and shower gel

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Blissfully – energising bath and shower gel

Pineapple energy with a thousand coco-volts!

Big pineapple and coconut bang! Pineapples come from Guadalupe and in Guadalupe, people practice hula hoop disregarding their age group. Joy of life at a heavenly beach: this can really happen to you!

Be careful now! Using the product may stimulate your body and senses. The two-phase formula, pleasant consistency and richness of nourishing ingredients may really seduce you. As of today, your skin is going to beg for this light and fluffy foam and the appetising scent will accompany you all day long, putting you in a really fruity cocktail of crazy and joyful moods!

Before using, shake oil and flesh. Pour 25 ml under a stream of warm water or Apply on the body in the shower.
Pineapple & Coconut oil bath and shower

capacity: 500 ml
area: body
skin type: any
effect: Cleanes and refreshes. Regenerates the skin. Leaves the skin moisturized and smoothed
age: without limits

Fruity delight that captivates the senses and the body!
Wonderfully fruity body care products with unique caring properties and juicy fresh scents. The wealth of active ingredients splendidly cares for the skin and spreads a unique scent which introduces the perfect mood, stimulates positive energy, joy and willingness to act.

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