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URODA Professional OIL REPAIR Rejuvenating Treatment Anti-AGE Argan Marula Oil Vit. E

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Oil Repair 

Rejuvenating Treatment

URODA Professional


0.34 FL.OZ./10ml

Oil Repair Treatment

FACE AND NECK biocomplex

Argan oil, Marula Oil + Vitamin E

Rejuvenating Oil OIL REPAIR Uroda Professional is a combination of regenerating vitamin E of argan oil, known as the “elixir of youth” and strongly revitalizing and nourishing Marula oils. Suitable for mature skin, sensitive, excessively dehydrated and requiring intensive anti-wrinkle treatment.


work wrinkle

Give the skin elasticity and flexibility

They provide long-lasting hydration

Smooth and regenerate mature skin

Vitamin E – excellent moisturizing effect on the skin, preventing it from drying and helps in the elimination of the so-called. age spots. Inhibits skin aging. It protects the skin not only from UV radiation of the sun, but the result of the impact of environmental pollution and cigarette smoke. In addition, anti-inflammatory.

Argan oil – known as the “elixir of youth”. Slows the aging process. Moisturizes and firms the skin. Anti-inflammatory, soothing and revitalizing effect.

Marula Oil – contains acids and antioxidant compounds, for example: tocopherols, flavones and catechins. Strongly revitalizes, strengthens, nourishes and smooths. Deeply moisturizes the skin, firms it and increases its flexibility.

Hyaluronic Acid – effectively moisturizing and firming, penetrating the deeper layers of the epidermis.

Squalane – provides softness, elasticity and prevents evaporation of water from the inside of the skin.

Oil Repair Uroda Professional is an exclusive series of oils for the face.

The formula is based on concentrated oils and plant extracts. In combination with other valuable ingredients, provide the skin deep and long-lasting hydration, regeneration and afresh and radiant appearance.


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