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VANITY Professional LASER EXPERT Hair Removal Kit Cream & Wipes 4 BIKINI AREA Bielenda


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Hair Removal Cream

Vanity Laser Expert

Kit for precise BIKINI Hair Removal

3,38 FL.OZ./100 ml

Express effect – 5 minutes

Set for professional, precise hair removal with post-depilation wipes.

The effectiveness of the kit is based on the revolutionary action of TELOCAPILU ™. This plant extract, which is responsible for the reduction of unnecessary hair, affects its quality and limits the frequency of depilation.
IN VITRO research has shown that substances contained in TELOCAPIL ™ reach the hair follicles, damage them, affect the hair cycle, weaken it and significantly inhibit its growth factor. This means successive reduction of unnecessary hairs and lowering their quality and thickness, they become thinner and weaker.
The innovative formula has been enriched with active ingredients to prevent ingrowing, smoothing, hydrating and softening the skin.
– longer time between depilation
– less rejuvenating hair
– re-growing hair much weaker and thinner
– Silky smooth and moisturized skin.

Use a spatula cream evenly distributed on the washed and dried skin, do not rub, leave for 5 minutes. Use a spatula to remove the cream along with the hair. Thoroughly wash your skin with warm water, without using soap, to dry. Then wipe the skin with a handkerchief in the depilation area and gently massage the substance that is wiped with a tissue.


Does not irritate skin


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